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The Agribusiness Gateway to Industry Schools project encompasses a variety of exciting career pathways and jobs associated with on-farm production and the various stages of distribution, value adding, processing and product marketing through the farm to consumer supply chain.

The Agribusiness Gateway to Industry Schools project aims to help young people make a successful transition from school into further education and/or employment. The project encourages partnerships between schools, training, universities and industry to provide career opportunities for young people.

The program provides opportunities for students and school communities to engage in the diverse range of careers across businesses based on primary industries. Students will gain valuable experience in the industry while still at school, providing them with the tools and knowledge to make informed decisions about training and employment upon leaving school, and at the same time raising the profile of careers in the agribusiness sector.

By being a school participating in the Agribusiness Gateway to Industry Schools project, various key learning areas and the associated curriculum will endeavour to include a range of agribusiness related contexts and activities in and out of the classroom.

Schools will work together in the sharing of information, ideas, teacher professional development and resources as well as strengthening partnerships with agribusiness industries. From these partnerships, opportunities for work experience, structured work placements and school based traineeships or cadetships with agribusiness industries at all levels become increasingly possible.

This initiative was developed in response to skills shortages across agribusiness industries and the need to attract and retain a skilled workforce across the agribusiness sector for our future.

Project partners

The Agribusiness Gateway to Industry Schools project is managed by the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, as part of a suite of initiatives that includes Rural Jobs and Skills Alliance (RJSA), Agforce School to Industry Partnership Program (SIPP) and Queensland Agriculture Workforce Network (QAWN). To facilitate links between schools and industry, as well as recognised training organisations, external skills and training information is distributed to schools participating in the Agribusiness Gateway to Industry Schools project. This process ensures that school programs are aligned to industry and will benefit students in maintaining agricultural endeavours after school life.

Participating schools

The Agribusiness Gateway to Industry Schools project participants establish projects that expose most facets of the agriculture industry including cropping, husbandry, research and business management in the school environment. The Agribusiness Gateway to Industry Schools project supports opportunities for students to participate in agricultural practices and understand the value of primary industry and agricultural supply chains.

Contact information

For more information on the Agribusiness Gateway to Industry Schools project, including details about current activities and projects, opportunities for students and teachers or how your school or business can get involved, contact the project coordinator.

Last updated 7 January 2019

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