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We are a national organisation with group training organisations (GTOs) registered in other states. Our head office is located in a state other than Queensland, and our board, financial documentation and central systems are located in that state. Do we need to undertake an audit in Queensland and, if so, what documentation does Queensland require?

The Department of Employment, Small Business and Training requires third party assurance that the National Standards for Group Training Organisations, including corporate governance and financial systems and procedures, have been effectively and efficiently implemented in the Queensland branch of the GTO.

An interstate GTO will supply its latest external audit against the National Standards with its Application for recognition as a group training organisation in Queensland form.

Should the department recognise the interstate GTO as a GTO, the GTO will be deemed compliant against the National Standards based on its home state with the date of its next audit falling due by its interstate registration end date on the Group Training National Register.

When the GTO's next external audit comes due, the GTO will ensure that its Queensland operations are included in the audit.

Can we combine our national standards audit with our ISO certification audits?

Yes, organisations can negotiate with approved auditors for International Standards Organisation (ISO) certification services. The organisation may arrange for both audits to be conducted simultaneously by the same auditor.

Do we need to maintain quality assurance in light of the introduction of the National Standards for group training organisations?

The department has received agreement from Queensland Purchasing for the National Standards for Group Training Organisations to replace the requirement for quality assurance.

However, it should be noted that this exemption is limited to the group training activities of the organisation. Therefore, your organisation may need to maintain quality assurance if it supplies services and/or products to other government departments or private organisations. You are encouraged to check with these organisations regarding their quality assurance requirements.

The Queensland Government Procurement website may assist you in determining whether your organisation needs to maintain quality assurance for other business that you do with the Queensland Government.

Last updated 29 July 2019

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