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There are several different types of audits for group training organisations (GTOs).

Initial compliance audit

All organisations seeking recognition as a GTO must be compliant against the National Standards for Group Training Organisations prior to making application for recognition to the department.

A new start up GTO must include its initial compliance audit report with its application for recognition as a group training organisation.

The department may accept an interstate GTO's compliance audit report from its home state/territory as evidence of compliance with the national standards when considering the organisation's application for recognition. Where the department recognises the interstate group training organisation based on its home state/territory compliance audit, the organisation will be required to undertake its next external audit before its registration ends in its home state/territory.

The GTO selects independent, approved auditors to conduct initial compliance audits.

Access to Queensland Group Training Program funding and some Commonwealth and State Government group training targeted programs and incentives are restricted to those GTOs that are fully compliant with the National Standards.

Compliance audit

A compliance audit is conducted at least once every 5 years as part of the continued recognition of a GTO in Queensland. The timing of a compliance audit is based on the date of departmental approval of compliance with the standards, as recorded on the Group Training National Register.

The GTO selects independent, approved auditors to conduct initial compliance audits.

Self-assessment audit

The GTO internally conducts a self-assessment audit, also called an internal audit, for management review against the National Standards. The self assessment audit forms the basis for a corporation's management review and self declaration of conformity.

GTOs are required to undertake the self-assessment audit by 31 December each year and submit a self assessment report to the department by 31 January of the following year.

Other audits

The department may conduct or direct other audits during the 5-year period between audits. The department must give seven business days' notice before these audits can be conducted.

Other audits may include:

  • an audit on complaint - an audit may be conducted following a complaint against the GTO
  • a directive audit - an audit may be conducted following a directive from the department
  • a monitoring audit - an audit may be conducted where a previous audit decision or risk analysis has recommended a further audit be conducted.

Last updated 29 July 2019

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