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Under Section 89 of the Further Education and Training Act 2014 (the Act), the department may consider the cancellation of a group training organisation's (GTO's) certificate of recognition.

The department may consider the cancellation of a GTO's recognition if it is reasonably satisfied that one or more of the following groups applies:

  • the organisation has not complied with a condition applying to its certificate of recognition
  • the organisation has stopped operating as a GTO
  • the organisation provided false or misleading information:
    • when applying to be recognised as a GTO; or
    • after the issue of its certificate of recognition.

A GTO aggrieved by a decision to cancel its certificate of recognition may apply to the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT) for a review of the decision as provided for under Section 167(1)(b) of the Act.

Last updated 4 December 2018

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