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The Queensland Government is committed to the Queensland Quality Standards for principal employer organisations which represent a quality benchmark for principal employer organisations (PEOs). These standards provide the Government with a consistent basis for the recognition, support and monitoring of PEOs.

The department has developed audit arrangements based on the requirements of the Queensland Quality Standards.

Under the state framework, independent audits of PEOs against the Queensland Quality Standards are required at least once every three years. An initial compliance audit is required if a corporation is applying for recognition as a PEO.

The department determines the period between audits based on a risk assessment. For example, the department may require a subsequent audit for a lesser period than three years where:

  • the PEO has been newly established and recognised, the department may require the PEO to undertake a subsequent audit within 12 months of its commencing operations to ensure that its quality arrangements have been fully implemented in its operations
  • the department has concerns that a PEO has had to address a number of non-compliances in its latest external audit, to ensure that the rectifications of the non-compliances have been fully implemented.

In addition, PEOs must undertake a self-assessment audit by 31 December of each year. The Chief Executive of the organisation will forward a signed statement to the department that the self-assessment audit has been completed and the organisation is compliant against the Queensland Quality Standards by 31 January of the following year.

Other audits may be conducted by the department, with a minimum of seven (7) working days notice, during the three year period.

The cost of the auditing service, including all compliance audits and any rectification work undertaken involving any additional services, is borne by the PEO.

Last updated 2 March 2018

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