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Both the department and principal employer organisations (PEOs) have responsibilities in respect to audits.

The department is responsible for:

  • providing auditors with information on the scope and history of the PEO being audited
  • dealing with any issues that arise during the audit period
  • reviewing the independent audit report and examining other issues, such as operational complaints, to determine whether or not a PEO is meeting the Queensland Quality Standards.

The PEO or applicant for recognition is required to:

  • select an approved auditor
  • organise times with the auditor to conduct audit activities
  • provide the auditor with all copies of self-assessment reports, as they will form the basis of the audit
  • provide sufficient, valid and reliable evidence to enable the auditor to form a professional opinion on whether or not the Queensland Quality Standards have been met
  • provide reasonable resources to ensure an effective and efficient audit process
  • ensure that management and staff are made aware of the audit process against the Queensland Quality Standards for principal employer organisations.

The cost of the auditing service, including the initial compliance audit and any rectification work undertaken involving any additional services, is borne by the PEO or applicant for recognition.

Last updated 2 March 2018

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