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To ensure that apprentices and trainees employed by principal employer organisations (PEOs) receive a quality training experience, PEOs must comply with:

  • the Queensland Quality Standards for principal employer organisations in accordance with audit arrangements for PEOs
  • all Commonwealth and state legislation, regulations, guidelines and policies
  • all relevant Department of Employment, Small Business and Training policies and procedures.

The PEO must adhere to:

  • the intent and spirit of the Further Education and Training Act 2014 (the Act) and other relevant legislation
  • obligations as the legal employer of apprentices and trainees under contracts of training.

Recognised PEOs must also:

  • take all practical steps necessary to ensure the well-being and adequate training of apprentices and trainees employed by the PEO under the Act, including not engaging a prohibited employer, as defined under the Act, as a host employer
  • deliver a formal induction program to all commencing and re-commencing apprentices and trainees, including workplace health and safety training appropriate to their individual workplaces
  • have apprenticeship and traineeship policy and systems in place to ensure that the PEOs apprentices and trainees obtain the necessary skills (including the provision in the policy for rotation, as necessary)
  • agree to cooperate with any audit or evaluation under the Queensland Quality Standards for principal employer organisations, as prescribed by the department
  • deliver relevant records, files and/or other documentation requested by the department for the purposes of conducting an audit or evaluation
  • respond to any reasonable requests for information from the department
  • inform the department immediately of any matters that may significantly affect the on-going employment and training of the apprentices and/or trainees it employs.

Last updated 5 February 2024

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