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A key aspect of managing the ongoing quality and integrity of the group training network in Queensland is the process for monitoring and evaluating continued compliance with requirements for recognition in this state.

To maintain recognition as a GTO, GTOs need to ensure their operations continue to comply with its certificate of recognition as a GTO, including maintaining compliance with the National Standards for Group Training Organisations (PDF, 64KB) and the Operating requirements for group training organisations in Queensland.

To demonstrate continued compliance, all GTOs will undertake:

  • a self-assessment process by 31 December each year, and submit a self-assessment report to the department by 31 January of the following year
  • a quality compliance audit in accordance with the National Standards at least once every 5 years, from the date of their last audit.

Failure by a GTO to maintain compliance against the National Standards may result in the cancellation of its certificate of recognition to operate as a GTO in Queensland.

Last updated 19 June 2019

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